MY EGO and ME RETREAT IBIZA > from 8 till 14 September 2015
What is I? What's consciousness?
from Tuesday 8 till Monday 14 September 2015
Philosophical conversations - Sabine Wassenberg,
Meditation & mindfulness yoga - Jasmine Nooij
Breathing sessions - Tom van Huijstee

My Ego & Me Retreat Ibiza offers guidance towards the questions: What is I? What's consciousness? in a philosophical and experimental search for the self where you will to dive into your mind and body, experiencing the mystery beyond...

Philosopher, writer and therapist Sabine Wassenberg noticed that all problems in peoples lives, exist because of the stories they believe in.
Our belief system determines the way we experience our life.
If you believe the world is bad, you will experience it as bad.
If you believe in goodness, you will meet it.
Negative beliefs about ourself or the world, are stuck in our brains and bodies influencing the way we live, love and experience life.
Problems exist in our lives, because of the stories we believe in.
Finding the TRUTH in our beliefs is relevant to the way we experience things and Sabine uses several philosophical tools, incl. narrative therapy, to get grip on 'old' cognitions and replace them by new and fruitful ones.

My Ego & Me Retreat Ibiza program includes:

- Philosophical conversations with philosopher, writer & therapist Sabine Wassenberg, also author of the book: Mijn Ego en Ik  - My Ego and I - soon to be published in Ibiza!
- Meditation & mindfulness yoga by certified yoga teacher, psychologist & soul coach Jasmine Nooij developer of a unique yoga style, called Insight Yoga focusing on inner alignment and activation of life energy in the body by directing awareness and breath in movement and stillness. >> read more
- Breath sessions by breathing coach Tom van Huijstee
help you reconnect body & mind by connected breathing to reach a deeper well-being and peace powered by the Breath of Life >>
read more

My Ego & Me Retreat Ibiza
location: comfortable finca retreat, situated in the beautiful, quiet Northern part of Ibiza
Shared room: 725 - Private room (if available): 850 - Private small tent: 625
Extra night: 35

Prizes include: taxes, food, accommodation and sessions.

EMDR session 50 - Massage session 50
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My Ego and Me Retreat Ibiza
My Ego & Me Retreat Ibiza

week retreat
organized by
Healing Retreats Ibiza

8 till 14 September 2015